Express Yourself, Impress Your Friends!
   Mail2World offers a selection of more than 2,000 unique domain names (the part that
   comes after the @ in your email address). And of course, the first part of the email
   address is limited only by your ample imagination. Finally get an email address that's
   truly a personal extension of you - not some goofy aberration like bob5679 at the same
   domain as everyone else.
 Benefits: Click here to browse the BIG list!
   - Pure unlimited fun!
   - Design an email address that suits your personality (
   - Define your role in business (Mail2Consultant, Mail2StockBroker...)
   - No more boring '' email addresses for you!
   - Combine username/domain name for best effect (
   - Express your individuality
   - Share the fun with all your friends!

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